After 30+ years of offering comprehensive childbirth classes for couples planning home, hospital and birthing center births I am passing the baton to my younger colleagues. I am no longer offering group childbirth classes in Brooklyn or Manhattan. I continue to offer a private refresher class and private birth counseling. Thank you to all my former students for 33 wonderful years!

For those seeking a comprehensive childbirth preparation series, here are some colleagues I can recommend. You can also access childbirth educators at

Leigh Kader CCCE, CD(DONA) Offers classes in Prospect Heights
Certified Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula

Tricia Phillips CCCE Offers classes for Home Birth in Carroll Gardens
Certified Childbirth Educator

Lisa Taylor CCCE Offers classes in Astoria

Refresher Classes / VBAC Classes

A single refresher class of two and a half hours or two refresher classes of one and a half hours each are available for women and partners who have previously given birth. Scheduled at a time convenient to everyone involved - at my home or yours - these classes are tailored to each woman's needs based on her previous experience. Counseling is also available if needed. Please email me or call (718) 789-1981 to discuss your individual situation.