Every labor is unique - but by understanding the birth process and developing coping strategies for pain in labor you can have a more comfortable and satisfying birth experience. Classes are designed to present a wide range of labor-coping and labor support techniques. Women are encouraged to follow their instincts and to trust in the body's natural ability to birth.

Group classes meet at 411 Dean Street in Park Slope and are limited to eight couples. For information about class schedules or to register, please contact me at: or call (718) 789-1981.

Brooklyn Classes for Couples Planning Home Birth
Wednesdays 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Classes meet weekly for 5 weeks and include information on labor, birth, breastfeeding and early newborn care. Special attention is given to preparation for birth at home. Classes include a wide variety of pain-coping and labor-coping strategies, essentials of labor supprt, positions, massage, movement and relaxation as well as information on hospital transfer. Breastfeeding and Newborn Care focus on the early days at home.

Cost: $350 This includes the pregnant woman and her partner.

Refresher Classes / VBAC Classes
A single refresher class of two and a half hours or two refresher classes of one and a half hours each are available for women and partners who have previously given birth. Scheduled at a time convenient to everyone involved - at my home or yours - these classes are tailored to each woman's needs based on her previous experience. Counseling is also available if needed. Please call (718) 789-1981 to discuss your individual situation.

Brooklyn Classes for Couples Planning Hospital Birth

After 30+ years of offering comprehensive childbirth classes for couples planning hospital birth I am passing the baton to my younger colleagues. I am no longer offering my Tuesday evening 8 class series for couples planning hospital birth. I will continue to offer group classes for home birth and private refresher classes for all couples regardless of where they plan to birth. Thank you to all my former students for 32 wonderful years!

For those seeking a comprehensive childbirth preparation series in Brooklyn, here are some colleagues teaching in my area:

Lena DeGloma teaches at Bend and Bloom Yoga in Park Slope. You can contact her at or check out her schedule at

Leigh Kader offers classes in Fort Greene. You can contact her at or 917.279.4226.